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  1. Hey gang – loving reading the blog. You are the best! So glad it’s been a great adventure so far. Much love, Nancy

  2. Hurry up–get to Ely, The Coolest small town in America!
    Friend of the Whites, Byron Moren.

    • Hi there!
      We are on our way! Looking forward to it.

  3. Randy & Stacey:

    It has been a blast and very informative reading about your adventures. Reading about Peru is fascinating, very cool. Hope all is well and do try to come back through our little corner of the world in Indiana when you make it back to the States. If the Nation’s can’t put you up, we can. Take care and God speed.

    Mark, Sherri, Nathan, and Zoe Branaman

  4. Looks like maybe our little clan has found some cohorts- folks with the itch to split town, who have bikes and ropes, and best of all, little boys! Can’t wait to hear where you’re going next so we can (possibly) steal your idea. Good work!!
    Ellie, Chris, Conrad and Jackson

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