Posted by: stacylynn12 | June 20, 2013

Travel Blogger Blues

A year.  365 days.  8,760 hours.  That’s how long it’s been since we arrived home after traveling for a year.  That would make it 2 years, 730 days or 17,520 hours since we left Seattle, bound for Alaska and with no real idea what would transpire in the year that would follow.

And oh what a year it was!

And now?  Well, we’ve spent the last year doing all kinds of exciting things.  Soccer, baseball, Aikido, bicycling, school, swimming, work, gardening, cooking, camping, hiking, skiing and … we even bought a house!  Very exciting I know…yet I fear if I start writing about all the goals our kids scored (or didn’t score) in soccer, how they ripped it up on the snow slopes all winter, how we are debating paint colors for the bathroom…. well, I can just see the yawns and hear the snoring sounds.

Now don’t get me wrong.  It is totally possible to write about everyday life and make it interesting.  I read lots of parenting, gardening and cooking blogs and I love them.  But as Randy pointed out, this blog is not about that;  It’s a travel blog.  But since I don’t  really like to wander further than about a 2 mile radius from our house unless I’m on my way to the mountains or the airport, well…  you can see the problem.

What’s a travel blogger to blog about when not traveling?  It’s a sad thing really… a travel blogger without a trip.

Pause.  Sigh.

I could tell you about all the trips I take in my head.  You won’t believe the places I went last year.  Or, we could play a game.

We’ve got plans.  They are 6 years in the future  –  that’s 2,190 days or 52,560 hours but we’re not really counting.  Yet.  Bodhi will be 13, Joshua will be 11 and I can’t imagine anyone really cares how old Randy and I will be.  Or maybe I just don’t want to tell you.

So, the game… It’s a guessing game of sorts where I give you hints and you guess where we are going.  Here it is folks…

  • The trip will be approximately 2,650 miles.
  • It will take us 5 – 6 months to complete.
  • It may be difficult to finish but if we do, we will be super burly and very svelte.
  • It will be amazing… and hard.
  • Our children will either be thrilled with this idea or we will have to abort it.  It’s not the sort of trip you can drag unwilling participants on.  It’s too early to call which way this one will go but I’m optimistic.
  • There will be highs and lows.  Pay attention people.  I do not mean this in a metaphorical sense.
  • And possibly the best part about this plan is that it will leave us with another 6 months to go play on a beach somewhere…. cause you know how I feel about my beach time.

Now you get to guess what and where our trip will be.  Sadly, the winner gets nothing but the satisfaction of feeling smart.  Sorry folks, no sponsors offering up freebies on this blog.  Yet.

**Please note… plans are subject to change without prior notice.  Readers may not hold us accountable for anything that is stated, pondered or proposed herein these pages. Thanks for playing folks.



  1. The first 2200 miles are The Appalachian trail. The final 450 follow Sherman’s march to the sea. Or Flagler’s oversea’s railroad.

  2. Pacific Crest Trail?

    Steve Smith

  3. Sounds like the Pacific Crest Trail

  4. PCT. Do we get a prize?
    Where’s your house? Looking forward to seeing you guys – – it’ll be two years between our various trips…

  5. PCT?!??

  6. I’m voting for Appalachian trail, too. Sounds great.

  7. I’m voting for either hiking the PCT or kayaking the Interior Passage — either way: awesome.

  8. AT

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