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The Top 10 Clues that it may be time to stop traveling and settle down…  
10. Instead of going out to a world famous national park and looking for iguanas, squirrel monkeys, two toed sloths, howlers and more on a beautiful sunny day, your children would rather lay in bed in a hotel room and watch cartoons in a language they don’t understand.  
9. You are sitting on a beach, blue sky above, cold drink in hand, gazing out at a beautifully tranquil ocean while everyone you know is freezing their butt off in cold, dark, rainy Seattle and you still find something to complain about.  
8. You’d trade your first born child for your espresso machine.  
7. Your youngest child throws a tantrum and screams at the top of his lungs when you tell him it’s time to go eat at the restaurant. He wants you to go to the store and buy something to cook him.  
6. Your oldest child tells you “I’m hungry and my tummy is rumbling in 3 different languages.”.  
5. The tooth fairy has deposited coins under your child’s pillow in 4 different currencies.  
4. You are pretty sure that if your husband doesn’t get his own iPad soon, your marriage is going to end.  
3. Your idea of luxury involves an actual hot shower, a soft pillow, a firm mattress and a bug free room… A combination you have not seen in 6 months.  
2. You’d just as soon skip seeing places on the top of your list as face another taxi, bus, boat, motorcycle or plane ride.  
And the #1 reason it’s time to stop traveling and settle down…  
You’re just plain tuckered out.  
Oh wait! Did I say YOU? I guess I actually mean US.  
Costa Rica has been delightful… really. Some highlights include:  
The wildlife. Bodhi and Josh’s short list includes spider, capuchin and howler monkeys, a two-toed sloth, an agouti, several pizotes, a pit viper, iguanas, a green spiny lizard, a toucan and several other species of birds. Awesome.  
The coffee in Monteverde. Unfortunately it’s been literally and figuratively downhill since then.  
Christmas in Montezuma with our friends Kelly and Seth. Not only was it amazing to see our friends and have someone else to talk to besides ourselves, but it was a delightful holiday free from the typical stresses. We gave only a few moments thought to presents for the kids. They each received in no particular order: one matchbox car, a few plastic dinosaurs, a toucan pen they had seen in a gift shop, some small school supplies (erasers and glue), a gift from Tia Kelly and Seth (sticker book for Josh and reading books for Bodhi), a bag of candy from Aunt Jen and Uncle Geoff (sent via Seth and Kelly) and a movie ticket for a new movie on iTunes which we bought on behalf of Grammie and Pepere since they sent money while extracting promises that we would get them something with it. You should have seen their excitement. You wouldn’t know they didn’t get heaps and heaps of expensive new toys. We’ve effectively lowered the bar for next year. Future gift givers… take note. 🙂  


Bodhi on Christmas morning with his new toucan pen.  




Josh is thrilled with his new Hot Wheels car.  

As for the rest of us, we gave ourselves the gift of a snorkeling adventure to Isla Tortuga. While the trip itself doesn’t make the highlights list, it was memorable for the sopping wet boat ride, the unimpressive yet still intriguing and beautiful fish we saw, the palpable and contagious excitement of Bodhi’s first snorkeling experience and the not very discreet drug deal we witnessed our boat captain carry out right in front of us. Isla Tortuga itself would be paradise found if it weren’t for the hoards of tourists that crowd it’s tiny beach. We did have a sweet spot though and well, sometimes the experience is all the more fun for the lack of perfectness.  

Isla Tortuga  

So before I leave you with some parting photos of our Costa Rican adventure, let me tell you of our exciting plans. Tomorrow we are going to drag ourselves into one more taxi to take one more bus to one more airport in order to fly to Lima, Peru. From there we’ll shuttle ourselves around until we finally board an overnight bus bound for Huaraz. And then we are going to stop.  
Huaraz, Peru, to quote the Lonely Planet, ” is in the mountainous region of the Cordillera Blanca, where superlatives crash and burn in a brave attempt to capture the beauty of the place.”. This is the highest mountain range in the world outside of the Himalayas and nestled in the nooks and crannys of “perennially glaciered white peaks, huddle scores of pristine jade lakes, ice caves and torrid springs.”  
As if this alone wasn’t enough to draw us to Huaraz, we have been connected to a friend of a friend who lives there. The family owns a mountain guiding company and school, and a micro brewery and they have two boys almost exactly the same age as Bodhi and Josh. They are involved in a community organic garden project and are starting a Waldorf inspired school. The grand opening will be in late February with a first grade classroom. Hello!  
We are hoping beyond hope that we love this place and that we can find a place to rent for several months. We’ll look for work, volunteer opportunities, programs for the kids… in general, anyway that we can immerse ourselves in the local community for as long as we are there. Oh and of course there’s the mountains. There isn’t one of us that isn’t looking forward to being in the high alpine environment.  
But first, we’ve got to get there. Wish us luck. 



Costa Rica’s cutest frog. I did not take this picture.
Well, I did but someone else took it first if you know what I mean.  

If I’d taken it originally I’d be applying for my new job with  

National Geographic.  

This seagull flew next to our ferry almost the whole way across  

the Gulf of Nicoya on our way to Montezuma.  

Christmas Day on Isla Tortuga with Kelly and Seth  


Bodhi has a little fun. And no, Josh wasn’t the one to bury him!  


Bodhi’s first snorkeling adventure!  


Bodhi and I do a little snorkeling together! 



The Gang  



Josh served up smoothies on the beach one day. Yum!  


Bodhi and Randy getting hammered by the waves.  


The view from our little slice of paradise on Isla Tortuga.  



Josh eyes the presents on Christmas morning.  

That’s our “tree”. It was part of a wooden table built into the kitchen  

of our casita and it served us nicely. We even decorated it! 



Montezuma waterfall… A refreshing swimming hole.  



A beach memorial.  



Josh fell asleep on every boat ride we took!  



On Isla Tortuga… not wild but still cute!  



Scarlet Macaw… also not wild.  



Christmas Day dinner.  



Bodhi reads from his new books to Tia Kelly.  





  1. yay for Huarez! please stop in Cafe Andino for us!

  2. And here we were, all excited about our “first” day” hike through the hammock in Gamble Rogers State recreation area. Hey, we saw a golden orb weaver spider. Thanks for your wonderful updates. Loved the top ten list and can’t wait to hear and learn about Peru. Happy New Year.

  3. Miss you already!! Wishing you safe and easy travels and I can’t wait to hear about you getting settled into Huaraz. I think it’s going to be great.

  4. We so love reading your posts and checking out all the awesome pics! Thanks for keeping this going and including us on your trip this way. I take a long hot shower and drink a bunch of strong coffee with organic 1/2+1/2 and maple syrup (yes, syrup) in it for y’all!
    We miss you.
    Much love,

  5. Hi Stacy,
    Tracy sent me a link to your blog.
    It is great to read about your adventures!
    I hope you find the perfect space to settle in for awhile.

    • Thanks Jennifer! Good to hear from you. Hope all is well back in Seattle. Only 3 days in but we are really enjoying Huaraz so far!

  6. I can’t wait to hear about Peru! Travis and I spent just a couple of days in Huaraz, mostly as a jumping off and return point for a trek in the Cordillera Blanca, but I liked the town! Miss you guys!!


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