Posted by: stacylynn12 | October 11, 2011

Onward Ho!

The funny thing about blogging is it’s a very one way sort of thing. I write, you read. At least I hope you do. I’ve been having a great time writing. I find I’m looking at things through a slightly different lens and focusing on aspects of the trip that might otherwise slip by unnoticed. I like this.

I’d Iike to think I’d still be writing even if no one was reading my work. The truth is though I’ve tried to journal before while traveling and it ends up coming out like a boring narrative about what we did this day or that day. Humdrum details. The entries work well as a memory trigger when I reread them but they are not particularly interesting reading. The fact that someone might actually read what I’m writing motivates me to be creative.

Thank you for this… I appreciate it. I can’t help but feel a bit narcissistic though. I love it when people comment on my posts. It’s the closest thing to an interaction in the blogging world.

I began this blog for several reasons. I wanted a personal creative outlet, a way to connect with friends and family while we are away and an avenue to connect with other travelers and share resources. Connection implies interaction however.

So I got to thinking… and I’ve come up with an idea. A way to lure you in. Let’s call it, oh…um… Travel Jeopardy.

Wanna play?

The exciting news is that we’ve purchased tickets for the next leg of our journey. It’s not just exciting, it’s very exciting. Now here’s the game. I’ll give you some clues and you guess where we are going. Whatcha say? While you are at it, please tell us a bit about what’s going on in your corner of the world. We really do want to know.

Now, here goes.
The further you get down the list of clues, the easier it will be to recognize the country so read them one at a time and see how many it takes you to get it!

– The country boasts almost 800 miles of coast line.
– The annual average temperature is 77 degrees F.
– The climate is tropical with a typical wet and dry season.
– The county’s dominant religion is Roman Catholic at 68.9%.
– The government is a democratic republic and it has a multiple party political system.
– In 2007 it was number 82 in population out of the 193 nations in the world with just under 10
10 million people.
– Merengue is the national dance.
– Baseball is a national obsession.
– It is a Spanish speaking country.
– Tourism is an important factor in the country’s economic growth.
– The north coast is a world class kitesurfing destination.
– The country’s political leader, President Fernandez recently met with President Obama in the
Oval Office to discuss, among other things, the country becoming a regional leader in clean
– It is part of the Greater Antilles archipelago.
– This land has been inhabited since the 7th century by the Taino people.
– Christopher Columbus landed here the same year he landed at Plymouth Rock.
– It became the first European settlement in the Americas.
– The country boasts the Caribbean’s highest mountain and the largest lake.
– It occupies approximately 2/3rds of the island of La Hispaniola.
– The other 1/3 of the island is occupied by the poorest country in the Americas and the site of a
devastating natural disaster in January of 2010.

Got it?


Now post a comment and tell us what you think and what you are up to.

And do a little dance for me…. cause I’m finally going to the tropics!!!



  1. I already know where you are going. And things here are differnet every day. Clyde’s penis hurt yesterday so he stayed home from school completely turning over my whole day, I had two meeting I chose to cancel and a bunch of other stuff to do. After venting to a friend, getting some much needed validation at how hard it is to be the working parent and kid point person, and being wicked grumpy, I was able to turn it around and do thigs other than work. Today both kids are home from school because I feel guilty that Neil and I will finally be presenting our workshop but will pretty much not see my kids for three days even though we live in the same house! I look forward to the freedom of not working on the workshop! Yeah for Sunday!!

    • I’m thinking about you and hoping your workshop is a smashing success!

  2. by the way I am not sure Christopher Columbus landed at Plymouth Rock. I thought the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock?

  3. ¡¡La República Dominicana!! ¡¡Qué emocionante!! I´m very excited for you. As far as what I´m up to… I´d have to say this month isn´t going to go down in my life´s Top 10 Months. Just survived the first month of the school year and the first round of midterm progress reports, coaching middle school volleyball which is fun but takes up a ton of time, nursing a back injury that means I´m not running for a few weeks (and was virtually immobile for a few more), heading in for surgery on my ears on Thursday, beginning to feel a little glum as darkness descends on the Pacific Northwest, and… a few other bummers as well. In better news, I´ve recently gotten a grand idea to head somewhere tropical this winter! (o:

    • Let’s chat before we leave for the DR. I hope the next month is looking up for you. I’ll call from Maine….

      And, start planning that trip to visit us!

  4. Hi Stacy,

    What is Argentina?? I’m super excited for you and your family to travel down to some sun! I’ve been following your blog for a while now and have been living vicariously through your travels. I have loved your stories and your pictures and always look forward to receiving your posts.

    My corner of the world is still near San Francisco, CA. Our annual rains have arrived early and my fall climbing plans are on hold waiting to see if this is a false start to the season. Since I saw you last I got licensed as a psychotherapist and started a part time private practice seeing teens and young adults in addition to still working part time in community mental health. In my quest to blend my experience at PNW and my new world of psychology I started a blog called “Climbing Psychology” to explore and expel all the rattlings in my head. You can check it out at I know what you mean about the one way writing experience!

    I wish you warm travels to Argentina. Say hello to any of my Betting cousins you might happen upon. I recently found out that the Bettings that didn’t come to America from Germany went to Argentina and Brazil. You never know who you might meet!

    Rana Betting

    • Hi Rana!
      Congrats on your private practice. I hope the weather holds out for some nice fall climbing. I’ll check out your site!

  5. I cheated and used google 🙂 I will do a little dance for you under the New Mexico sun today!
    Me and G are having a swell time in the Santa Fe desert and mountains and gorging ourselves on green chilies….and red too. Next week is Geoff’s surgery, finally, at last. We will keep you posted.
    Any word on Randy’s possible work?
    Love you all,
    Jen and Geoff

    • Awww… I almost put in a stipulation about using google to figure it out! What are you doing in Santa Fe? Just there for fun? Cool! Hope Geoff’s surgery goes well. Well be at Mom and Dad’s tonight or tomorrow.
      Love you!

  6. Oops, or the Dominican Republic! In which case you won’t see any Bettings but you never know!! 🙂

  7. My geographic sense of duty requires me to point out that Christopher Columbus never landed at Plymouth Rock.

  8. Dominican Repulic! Sounds fabulous and I can’t wait to hear all about your travels there.
    I wanted to talk with you before you left to get info on how it is to travel with little kids. This blog is fun to read and good info. Not sure if you knew this – Miles and I had a little boy in July. We are hoping to travel with him. We’ve already been camping several times and thinking about places where we could travel with him. It will be fun to follow you with all of your adventures.
    Have fun in the tropics!

    • Congratulations Kathy! Kids are great little travelers… Have a blast with him. I’m happy to pass on whatever tidbits of info we learn!

  9. My friends,
    First, thank you!!! I’m so excited to hear your comments and snippets of your lives. Second, I stand corrected. As some have pointed out, Christopher Columbus did not land at Plymouth Rock. I’m really going to have to do something about that editor of mine.

  10. Some people say that Columbus had a map and it is not a coincidence that he came to the Americas soon after Granada fell the last time. We are still hoping that you come visit us here just south of Granada, let me know if you need a map. After your DR visit, you Spanish will be polished… (French is like Spanish, kinda, sortta). Enjoy the warmth. My sister and husband spent some time there years ago (treating AIDS patients) and had a great stay.

    So here its been a mild fall so far with temps in the day around 80 and cooling off a bit at night. The farmers have plowed their fields and wait for the first fall rains to plant the winter wheat. They are still waiting. We have a four day weekend coming up and we are planning on going to Cordoba. One of the moors imperial cities in the Andalous. The kids are curious as to if / when you may be here… Looking forward to it myself.. Peace

    • Hi Pete,
      Not sure on plans after the DR. We will keep you posted! Still hoping to see you guys…
      Miss you.

  11. I did a little meringue dance (not pretty) for you, congrats on committing to the next leg of your journey! When will you be there? any chance you would end up in thailand in Feb? We just purchased our tickets and will be there for the month of Feb. Family climb on? Would love to see you guys!

    As we prepare for our mini, mini journey I would also love your tidbits on how to keep the kids entertained. Especially for our leg when we will be holed up in a van for 5 weeks traveling around NZ.

    Today you are missing mild temperatures and a “festive” Occupy Seattle protest that is occurring from UW to Westlake Center. Can’t say you’re missing much of anything else…

    Will the boys celebrate halloween on the road?

    • Hi Jen,
      Your journey is really not that mini! So excited for you! What ended up happening with your job situation?

      Who knows where we will be in Feb… Thailand sounds good!

      My number 1 tip for traveling entertainment is…. Books on tape. Get them from the library and load them onto iPod or something like that. I can give you suggestions if you’d like but then again Lena might have different taste then the boys!

      We will be celebrating Halloween in Maine with a little farm trip and pumpkin carving but probably won’t do any trick or treating as we will have just landed in the DR two days before Halloween.

      Let me know if you want those book ideas. Also, my kids have used clipboards to do drawing, coloring, etc while driving. It works better than trying to hold a book or piece of paper in their lap. They can do playdoh on the board too…

  12. I got it at kiteboarding 🙂 I’ve been contemplating selling all my gear! It is sooo fun to hear what you are doing. I loved it in the dominican- people were so nice. I never made around the coast though- only stayed in Caberete. Do you know where you are landing and are you staying put or traveling? If you go to Caberete I have a few places you have to stop by for food & to say hi to the people- they are great. At Kite beach- Kite Beach club has the best little cafe & Randy can get his backgammon on. they have a HUGE board and play whenever the wind is low. Its a greaqt group of people. THe owner of the cafe- Calin is super fun & knows the area & people really well. Can’t remember how long shehas lived down there.

    My life- I am buying a new race bike- tee hee hee, very excited, now I just have to wait MONTHs for it to come in 😦 I also got an added job at work- a good thing & I’ll bepaid too. I will be a teacher’s coach at my school to help with using ELL teaching strategies in classrooms. My classroom is great- I have wonderful students. They are so nice & polite to each other and eager to learn 🙂 Makes me really enjoy teaching. Hopefully it keeps going strong.

    How are you feeling now- I love all the things you are telling about hte boys learning- of course that is “school-like” anything they remember and keep with them from their travels is learning. My only teacher comment would be to make sure he is practicing his letter writing & reading!

    Can’t wait to hear where you land & what you will be doing down there 🙂 Looking forward to your next post!

    Andrea 🙂

    • I figured you would get the kiteboarding! I’m so glad the school year is going well for you. The new bike sounds awesome too! What kind of racing are you doing?

      Not to worry… We are doing school just about every weekday and lots of work on handwriting and reading. We need some work in the math department but that’s coming along too. You would have been proud… While in Indiana we did a study of frogs and toads. The kids caught a frog and a toad and did some observation. They came up with a list of what they observed and another list of questions. Then we went to the library and did some research. The grand finale was a journal entry with pictures and writing about frogs and toads!

      Thanks for the Cabarete tips… We will definitely head there at some point!

  13. You’re going to the DR? I spent the summer there with Bridget when I turned 30! How long will you be there, what’s the plan? It’s warm, that’s true…and poor and beachy. The mangoes, oh the mangoes!I hope you become fluent!

    We are all doing great here in Seattle. About to send out the Climber’s Brunch Evite to which you will be invited. It’s Nov 6th. Where will you be? Can we Skype during brunch?

    • I want to pick your brain on where you where in the DR! Tell me more!
      I’m so glad you are doing the brunch but sad to miss it. We’ll have to figure out the Skype thing… It would be cool to do it. Assuming we can get an internet connection wherever we are we should be able to! Though it might be hard on your end with so much going on at the party.

      Let’s chat before we leave on the 29th!

  14. Congratulations. Sounds exciting. Maine to the tropics. That’s called travel upheaval. Have heard the Dominican Republic is wonderful. Have travelled to a bunch of other Caribbean islands and loved them all. It’s a wonderful lifestyle. Bon voyage. Larry & Pat

  15. Yay for tropical destinations!! I can’t wait to hear all about it and hear how quickly the boys soak up the Spanish!

    Things in the formerly Bradshaw/Alderson household are good, albeit a little quiet with Pete being in China for six weeks. I can’t remember if I ever told you about it, but right after we got back from our honeymoon, NBBJ shipped him off to Shanghai to work on a project until early November. The upside is that I leave on Thursday (like in FOUR days!) to go visit for a week. It’s a shame to fly all the way over there for just a week (six days actually), but it was pretty last minute so I’m just glad I had the vacation time to do it! I’m SO excited to see him – it will have been a month by the time I arrive in China. Eeeeeee!

    Otherwise, just trying to get out hiking when the weather permits – I even went rock climbing at Vantage with Marcus, AP and Nate!! It was so fun and I didn’t suck nearly as badly as I expected to, so that was good! 🙂 hehe.

    Continue having fun Earlywines! I’ve loved reading the blog posts – very thoughtful, very thought-provoking and highly entertaining! Love you all!!


    • Miss you Beckalita! How was Shanghai?

      • Miss you too Estacia!! Shanghai was fantastic! It’s a big, dense, loud, supremely urban place, but I loved it for all of it’s unfamiliar (and yet ever so slightly slightly familiar from the time spent in Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi) aspects. Great food, very interesting architecture and cultural relics. I think it was a really great experience, for Pete especially. He’ll be home in a week and we can return to our quiet, nature-filled lifestyles, but it’s fun to step outside your environment every now and again (but I don’t have to tell YOU that! 🙂 ) Have a great time in the DR! I can’t wait to read your future missives! Hugs to the boys!!

  16. Go read “The brief and wonderous life of oscar wao”. The DR and it’s culture and relationship to the us is the backdrop to the novel

    • Thanks Pat! I’ll check out the book…

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