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Photos – Homer to the Denali Hwy

First a few housekeeping notes.

1. I would like to acknowledge and thank my partner in crime and editor, Randy. Frankly I used to get annoyed when he “meddled” in my writing but after 10 years of marriage and 16 in partnership I now see that both I and my writing are better because of him. He keeps threatening to write a post himself and I hope he does. Some words of encouragement might do the trick…

2. I’ve been fiddling with our website and blog and decided that to have both is redundant. As such, I’ve migrated just about all the information from our website, to our blog. Eventually I will do away with the website.

3. I’ve added a photos tab to the blog which is currently void of photos. Ha! Once I get some time and a good Internet connection, I will shift the photos from the posts to the photos page. I’m planning to continue to post new photos and to roll over older photo posts to the photos tab where they will sit as an ongoing and chronological, visual representation of our travels.


As our time in Alaska draws to a close, (we are heading into Canada tomorrow) I thought I’d share a few parting images. I’m planning to write something soon as well but there are a few different posts swirling in my head and I’m hoping they settle into something less schizophrenic before I put words on “paper”.

We’ve spent the last couple of weeks in and near Homer, in a beautiful place across Kachemak Bay called Halibut Cove. Then Denali called again and we answered.

In Halibut Cove, we paddled kayaks with harbor porpoises gracefully swimming a stones throw away and gorged ourselves on the abundant blueberries near our cabin.

Out on the Denali Hwy we hiked across tundra, now ablaze in the reds, oranges and yellows of fall with the snow and glacier covered Alaska Range as a back drop. Bodhi manifested his wish to find a caribou antler, we literally rolled in blueberries and soaked in some of the most magnificent scenery any of us had ever seen.


We stayed at a hostel perched on the bluff above this valley. The day before the boys and I had read a book about rivers. How’s this for an example of a meandering creek?

Bodhi catches a lingcod the Homer Spit.

Sue joins us for the trip to Halibut Cove and we take the boys kayaking.

Sue and Josh… paddling pals!

Here we go!

One berry, two berry, pick me a blueberry.

Sue, Josh and Bodhi cutting wood for our cabin!

Picturesque Halibut Cove.

Halibut Cove.

Captain Josh.

After almost 2 months in Alaska, we get our first view of “The Great One”… Denali.

Family photo with Denali in the background.

The Denali Highway… Fall glory.

Denali Fall.

Along the Denali Highway with the Alaska Range in the background.


Crimson Bearberry.

More blueberry deliciousness!

So, Joshy fell in the creek…

Bodhi fishing in Seattle Creek.

Mount Deborah and Mount Hess.

The Alaska Range on the Denali Highway.

The Denali Highway…



  1. Wow, wow, WOW! Great pictures. I love hearing from you guys, so Randy, consider these my words of encouragement: More posts! More posts! Maybe you can scribe a couple posts from Bodhi and Joshy, too. I’d love to hear their summaries of how things have been.
    All is well here at home. According to the calendar it’s back to school time, but according to the weather, summer is just getting started! I miss you guys and hope to find a way to cross paths with you somewhere along your adventure this year.
    Tía Kelly

    • Thanks Tia Kelly! Yes! It would be fun to get the kids thoughts down… And yes! Let’s meet up somewhere! We will keep you posted. We miss you too. Good luck with back to school. We are starting our homeschooling adventure next week!

      Stacy Mercier Earlywine

      Sent from my iPad

  2. WOW!! some pretty spectacular photos. i can seee why Randy wanted to go there. don’t worry you will get tropical temperature and BEAUTIFUL somewhere else. Love you and hope you are travelling along smoothly!! Tracy

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