Posted by: stacylynn12 | April 11, 2011

Ticked Off

No, I’m not mad.

According to our website, we have a mere 80 days until our departure. I am as determined to avoid last minute madness as I am to avoid clutter in our van so I’ve been diligently ticking things off our “to do list”.   I thought I’d accomplished quite a bit.  I’ve gone through our house room by room, made significant headway on spiffing up our van and put a serious dent in plans for school on the road.  But boy, there sure are still a lot of things to “tick off”. 

I guess when July 2nd arrives, everything will be crossed off… or… it won’t be.  Either way, were outta here.

Here’s “the list”… just in case you are planning a trip of your own.

  • House
    • Advertise for renters
    • Determine structure (include utilities, phone and internet or not)
    • Get contract from Pete if needed
    • Spring cleaning
    • Sort room by room
      • Downstairs bedroom
      • Downstairs bathroom
      • Basement back room
      • Downstairs family room
      • Upstairs living room
      • Kitchen
      • Bathroom
      • Master Bedroom
      • Kid bedroom
      • Give stuff away / sell
    • Clean
    • Set up auto pay – utilities, phone, internet, oil,
      car, Helen, etc  
    • Contact Rosso to get oil bill emailed to us
    • Cancel long distance phone service
    • Pack personal belongings and store
    • Find a place to store our Volvo and Randy’s motorcycle – cancel or reduce insurance (on car too)
    • Arrange for mail to be forwarded or picked up
    • Arrange for chicken care
  • Admin
    • Travel insurance – research and decide
    • Renter’s Insurance – auto pay?
    • Make copies of all documents, give copies to relatives and look into storing them on line (Randy to scan)
    • Write letter of intent
    • Cancel any email subscriptions
    • Set up relatives with Skype and test
    • City Health Care? Leave checks with City HR
    • Capitol One annual fee?
    • Taxes
  • Homeschooling
    • Meet with Todd re:  curriculum planning
    • Research / order curriculum materials
    • Complete schooling plan   
  • Gear
    • Purchase all items needed for First Aid Kit
    • Purchase any remaining gear (see gear lists)
  • Medical
    • Research emergency evacuation insurance
    • Vaccinations – determine what we all need and start getting shots
    • Finish getting shots
    • Doctor and dentist visits
    • Make sure we have travel vaccination records and they are up to date
    • Get new epi pen prescription filled
  • Visas and Passports
    • Check to make sure passports are good for 6 months past end of trip
    • Get extra passport photos
    • Research if visas are needed
  • Electronics
    • Research and purchase computer technology (after much research and debate, we’ve decided to get and iPad.  That is, if one actually ever becomes available.)
    • Purchase a data plan if needed 
  • Travel
    • Decide on international destinations and purchase tickets
    • Research International driver’s license
    • Need emergency evac insurance? Research
    • Van preparations
      • Take measurements for containers
      • Clean van
      • Sew curtains and seat covers
      • Build shelves for over cooler storage
      • Suction cups for storing stuff
      • Order new drink holder
      • Research and order awning / outdoor rug
      • Take the van in for a “check up”
      • Pack kitchen kit
      • Do a test run – packing everything we plan to take in the van

Plan going away party! 

Up Next – The van, before and after.



  1. Um…it probably took a day just to make your checklist! 😉 I thought of a few things to add to your list. Check out the public use cabins in Alaska (you have to reserve early if you want to use them) –, and make your reservations for the Teklanika campground in Denali! Oh and just keep repeating July 2nd – July 2nd – July 2nd….Can’t wait to see you guys pull into my driveway!!!!

  2. Getting closer!!! Let me take a crack at checking out the awning options.


  3. The Queen, The Queen! I have just seen the Queen of logisitics come fluttering round yon bend and she looks fabulous.

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