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Confirmed Reservation | | 1-800-642-0066

“Thank you for making your travel arrangements with the Alaska Marine Highway. We hope you will enjoy your trip and look forward to seeing you on board.”


It’s official! 

Despite my grumpy, scroogy disbelief that we would not purchase tickets by the end of the year and thus “ensure the trip is going to happen” we have done just that.  A few clicks of the mouse and the encouragement of my “make it happen” husband, Randy and Voila!  We are going to Alaska.  We leave July 2nd and head to Juneau for a few days before continuing on to Haines and beginning our road trip to Denali National Park. 


Now this begs the question – does having these tickets ensure the trip is actually going to happen? 

Well yes…and no.  The truth is there is a tidal nature to planning any big adventure.  First the idea is born and the excitement swells.  You imagine it happening, but you don’t really believe it will and the tide retreats.  You make it more real over time through conversation, research, planning and saving money. 

Then something comes along such as the birth of a child or a new job… and you change plans and put the adventure back in the realm of the dream world.

We initially thought this trip would happen 2 years ago but babies and a new position for Randy meant postponing.  As time passed, the stars started lining up and we got closer and closer to making this trip a reality.  Yet still, there were many things that kept these plans just on the horizon and made a departure date “tentative” at best. 

Was Joshua old enough to travel like this?  Would Bodhi be able to go back to his school upon our return?  Was it the right time for Randy to take a sabbatical leave from work?  Slowly, as each of the questions were answered we have inched closer to taking the proverbial plunge.  The tide has started to come back in again.

So was it the ticket purchase that ensured the trip will happen?   I now realize the trip has been happening since the day we first dreamed about it and then discussed the possibilities out loud.

Commitment is the key ingredient to ensure any big trip, or any big plan will make it to fruition.  What the tickets symbolize to me is that the time is now right.   It is a combination of commitment and timing that ensures a trip is going to happen.  As much as anything can ever be sure… but that is another post.

Much of our plans are still very much up in the air.  We still don’t know where any of our international travel will take place.  The commitment is there though so all will be revealed in time.  For now… on with the Alaska planning!

Santa was good.  He brought us all kinds of trip goodies including bear bells, new camping cookware and a new rug for the van.  (Thanks Jen and Geoff!)  Now a new rug may not seem like anything to be excited about but let me tell you…

While Randy is busying himself with questions such as “is our engine up for the task”, I am fixated on matters of interior design.  Our van is well used and it shows.  The seats are ripped, the rug is worn and dirty and the curtains are dingy.  If I am to spend 2 months traveling in our 1986 Vanagon camper van, (and it looks pretty good at this point that I am) then Bessie needs a big time interior makeover.  If anyone knows of a reality show titled “Extreme VW Van Makeover” please let me know.  Otherwise, I’ll be working on cozying up our dear Bessie with some new curtains, seat covers and the cushy new rug. 

Now I’m pondering how it will fly when I tell the boys that the van will be a “shoes off” zone. 



  1. I can’t wait to hear news from Juneau and Haines! Too bad you will miss the fabulously hairball airplane descent into Juneau….feels like a spiraling nosedive!
    Love you, Jen

  2. Yay! Tix purchased. Amazing and miraculous and courageous. I am so excited to live vicariously AND to visit you in fab locales and do some sailing together on other continents!

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